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Behind these maple syrup samples arranged from left to right as earliest made to final boil
are the stately maple trees from which this syrup was made. Usually early season maple syrup is light
with a delicate taste and is used by us to make maple candy and maple cream. A medium amber syrup
with a rich taste is usually made mid-season and is an excellent table syrup, while a dark amber
with a robust taste is made toward the end and is an excellent table as well as cooking syrup.

Cranston's Christmas Tree Farm Pure Maple Syrup

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Syrup Prices:
$55 gallon
$32 half gallon
$20 quart
$13 pint
$8 half pint

Maple Sugar Prices:
$10 one pound

Maple Cream Prices:
$16 one pound
$9 half pound
$6 quarter pound

By boiling syrup to a higher temperature, cooling it, and then stirring, it becomes a scrumptious maple cream (no dairy is added) to be enjoyed on toast as a dip on a pretzel, or in coffee.

Enjoy the Real Taste of New England
While our maple syrup is an excellent choice for pancakes and desserts...

... it is delicious in and on a yogurt fruit and maple granola parfait, as a glaze for salmon,
as a marinade for chicken wings, as a sweetener in coffee and tea, or as an ingredient in dressings.

Additional Uses for Cranston's Pure Maple Syrup

Maple glazed ham

Maple baked beans

Maple glazed carrots

Maple bacon wings

Maple apple upside down cake

Maple ice cream sundae

Maple ginger chicken thighs

Maple mayo

Maple blueberry muffin

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The following photos show how we collect the raw maple sap and boil it down to the consistency of maple syrup.

After Seth and Jon tap the trees and securely insert 5/16" spouts, the sap runs through food grade plastic
maple tubing and pipe into a holding tank in the woods. The sap is then pumped up from the woods into another tank.
From here, the sap enters the reverse osmosis machine which concentrates the sugar in the sap.

The quaint and rustic sugarhouse Tom built when he was 15 is where the concentrated sap is boiled
in a wood-fired evaporator. The fragrant aromas of the burning wood, combined with the maple smell
and the clouds of billowing steam, enables one to experience the heart and soul of maple sugaring.

A drop of maple sap is approximately 2% sugar and 98% water. Those thousands of drops of sap are collected
and boiled down. When the boiling sap reaches a certain temperature and density, it becomes maple syrup
and is drawn-off, filtered, and packaged for the consumer to purchase. Try some!

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Photo credits: Betsy Cranston, Carrie Cranston, Cynthia Cranston.

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